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How do I wash my new diapers?

 1. Prewash diapers once before use.

 2. Wash dirty diapers every second day.

 3. Remove solids from diapers before storing in a closed bucket. There is no need to soak in water.

 4. Wash once in cold water with no more than half the recommended amount of detergent per load.

 5. Wash once in hot (up to 60 degrees) water with no more than half the recommended amount of detergent per load.

 6. Add an extra rinse to remove any lingering detergent in the diapers.

 7. Do not use any additives in your laundry, such as vinegar, baking soda, or fabric conditioner.

 8. Do not use any bleach. Additional rinsing helps remove all washing powder from the diapers. Ensure that rinse water from the machine runs completely clear or rinse diapers again before removing from the machine.

 9. If tumble drying, only use the low setting. Line drying is preferable. 

10. Line dry.


What should I avoid?
Do not use extra additives in your wash (like baking soda or vinegar). These ingredients are
unnecessary and will cause problems in your diapers. Do not use fabric softeners. Do not boil
your diapers.
Avoid using diaper rash cream, If recommended by your physician then you should use a stay-dry
liner or a piece of fleece between your baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from
transferring onto the diaper directly.

My tabs aren't as sticky as they used to be. How can I solve this problem?
Wash your diaper and then dry it in the dryer on warm heat. Be sure to let the diaper cool
completely before using. This causes the hooks to re-contract and become "sticky" again.

What do I do about the poop?
Poop tends to change as your baby grows.
Breastfed baby poop is water-soluble. You do not need to remove breastfeed baby poop before
washing. Around 4-6 months of age, many babies start solids such as cereal. At this point, stools
transition to a thicker, “peanut butter" consistency. For best results, this should be removed (as
much as possible) from your diapers prior to washing. Formula-fed and older babies typically
have firmer stools. This should also be removed from your diapers prior to washing. Shake the
firmer stools directly into the toilet and flush. Use a handheld health faucet next to the toilet to
remove any remaining mess.

Organic diapers Care Instructions:
Your organic diapers will need to be prewashed 5-7 times in hot water with a bit of detergent in
each load. Dry warm.
Regular wash routine: Wash cold with ¼ of the manufacturer’s recommended amount of additive
free detergent. Wash hot with the same amount of detergent. Double rinse. Dry warm.

What warranty do you offer on my diapers?
Cotton Babies will stand behind the workmanship and materials in a properly cared for product
for one year from the date of purchase. To register your product warranty or know more about all
the components covered under warranty please log on to
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