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Opportunities for Moms

Become a part of this cloth diapering movement today and be the change you wish to see!
What better way to introduce cloth diapering to Mom's in India then by Mom's themselves. Your first-hand experience can help to educate and encourage others to make a difference for themselves, their babies and our environment. Be independent, make a difference and get paid for it! Now that's a real SmartMom! Share your cloth diapering experience with other moms because this kind of service earns you friends, buyers and an extra income. 

bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are award winning and the best selling cloth diapers in the global market. With a foray into the Indian market, we are encouraged by the response to our cloth diapering system and we truly believe that there is no better advertising then real testimonials from real users. Those 'real users' are you!

Start Today

So start your own SmartBusiness right at home by joining the SmartBaby team. At SmartBaby, the SmartMoms group is a community, a community of Moms who love all things natural in their lives and homes. If you are wondering where you can find other like minded Mommies, you can choose from Baby Showers, Lamaze classes, Play Dates with other babies, at the Mall, the Gym, Yoga classes or you could have your very SmartMom Kitty parties. That's the best way to combine business and pleasure! As you begin to share your story you can begin to build your very own business and make a substantial profit from it too.

How to Join

All you have to do is share your contact information with us below. We will send you more information about the Smart Mom program and an application. Once you return our application we will process it and begin to guide you through the steps to make a successful home business promoting our globally loved, best-selling cloth diapers.

What Next

We equip you with everything you need to get started. You get to choose from our Standard or executive business kits to get you started. Many parents want to see and touch the diapers you are talking about. So keep a sample with you when you share the benefits of this product. 

Once you come onboard with us. We believe that this venture will not only be rewarding to you and your baby but to you as an individual too. We are here to serve and help you as you begin to develop your business and we will help you through the entire process! 

Now you can build your own business based on your personal experience with SmartBaby and for every sale you make monetary profit directly from SmartBaby. 


So what are you waiting for! Now that you are a cloth diaper expert, time to become a SmartMom and carry the torch forth. Make a difference in someone's life today!