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Who we are
Smart Baby is the exclusive distributor for Cotton Babies products in India. The vision of SmartBaby is to see people go back to nature and provide their children with as holistic an upbringing as possible. With a lack of options like easy to use cloth diapers in India, SmartBaby realized that this gap was keeping babies uncomfortable and mother's dissatisfied. Thus, the need to bring in path breaking baby products to a market that was opening up to the idea but had no choices, till today!
Who we work with
Smart Baby works with retailers specializing in baby and childcare products. We accommodate a variety of retailers from small business owners to the largest retail chains.
Guaranteed quality
You are guaranteed quality as Cotton Babies brands are covered by a one-year warranty, unmatched in the cloth diapering industry. Customer Service is a top priority. We gladly take calls from your customers on our customer service lines from 9:00am to 9:00pm at 9816270123.
Getting started is easy
If you have a retail store in the Indian subcontinent and would like to sell Smart Baby products, please fill in the application form below. As a company, we keep high standards to bring our customers the best in service and products. As a retailer, we assure you of the same support. Come be a part of the Cloth Diaper Revolution and appease your customers with revolutionary new products from SmartBaby!
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